November 17th, 2009

Remember Loved Ones with Festive Holiday Wreaths

Placing evergreen wreaths on the graves of our loves ones is a lovely way to honor and remember those who won’t be joining us during family gatherings this holiday. A symbol of Christmas spirit and welcome, modern evergreen wreaths have their roots in several ancient traditions. Ancient Celts believed that holly, another winter evergreen, had magical protective powers. Holly wreaths were commonly used in pagan winter solstice celebrations. As with many Christian customs, the pagan ritual was given a new twist to make it distinctly Christian. Boughs of holly were used to decorate homes and royal halls, but wreaths were fashioned of evergreen pines to mimic the Advent wreaths made popular by German Lutherans, who also gave us the Christmas tree.

In Christian tradition, the circular shape of the evergreen wreath is symbolic of God’s everlasting eternal grace. Green reminds us of nature’s bountiful gifts. Evergreens were likely chosen because of their beauty, fresh scent and availability during winter holidays. Today, evergreen wreaths are synonymous with the holidays. Decorated wreaths adorn our doors, welcoming holiday visitors. Evergreen wreaths are the preferred adornment for loved ones’ graves during the holidays. The Gravesite Masters offer three exquisite evergreen wreaths in 20-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch sizes to honor your loved ones during the holidays.


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