July 7th, 2009

Paying Tribute With Gravesite Accessories

My very dear friend lost her husband three years ago.  He had a heart attack at the very young age of 42.  It has been quite a struggle for her and their three children over these past years.  He is buried at his parent’s plot that is located over an hour away from their home.  She has been religious about making trips up to visit the gravesite without complaint.

Despite having to drive an hour away to the cemetery, she has made sure that her husband’s final resting place is adorned with flowers and other decorations for each holiday and birthday that has passed.  Knowing that she now has to enter the workforce, she realizes that she can no longer make those long trips to the cemetery as often as she used to.  Not wanting the gravesite to be left unattended for long stretches of time, she decided that it was time to seek help from Gravesite Masters to care for the beautification and care of the gravesite.

Always having a love for angels, my friend was so pleased to find the Solar Lighted Angel that is available at Gravesite Masters.  This beautiful angel is powered by the sunlight and shines brightly throughout the nighttime hours.  It is made of acrylic and requires no maintenance.   It is an amazing tribute to her husband, and not only adorns his gravesite; but also his “angel garden” that she completed in dedication to him at her home.  Gravesite Master also has a beautiful Solar Light Cross available that will help you show your love for your special family member who has gone on before you.


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